Friday, December 3, 2010

FDA panel suggests allowing more people to have Lap Band procedure

Without the weight,.............. Fill in the blank.

I heard on CNN tonight that an FDA panel has recommended that requirements for having a medical weight-loss procedure known as lap band surgery be relaxed. This would make millions of more people eligible to have this procedure done. Currently, a person must have a Body Mass Index of 40, or 35 if one or more conditions are present (hypertension,diabetes). The panel, which does not actually make decisions, is recommending that the new requirements be lowered to a BMI of 35/30. Reportedly, the FDA usually does follow the recommendation of such panels.
Locally, there are already commercials on TV and billboards announcing the Lap Band procedure. If this change does go through, you can bet that it will on "booming business" with Mindy Casso on KGNS.

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