Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Would Romo play if he was to return this year?

Oye, Jason.........y yo?? Cuando voy a jugar?

As the Dallas Cowboys continue to win, the question has probably come up of whether Tony Romo will play even if he is released by the doctors. For one thing, it might jeopardize his injury's healing process. More importantly, would it be a disruption to the team's current momentum? Surprisingly (to some), John Kitna has become a rather dependable quaterback in the Cowboy's 4 games since Jason Garrett was made interim head coach.
One option would be to gradually play Romo more until he is back to his full strength. It would be interesting if Jerry Jones starts marketing more Kitna jerseys. That might be a sign of what to expect for the rest of the season in regards to whom the starting quaterback will be.

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