Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nothing says Oppulence like a monocle

Guah guah guah guah guah  or how do you spell it

The prevailing consensus is that the current economic chaos was caused by none other than the filthy rich. Those infamous Wall Street fat cats who made an art of speculating with other people's money. Well, believe it or not, there are still people around who wish to emulate the rich. If not their greedy ways, then, at least their lifestyles, complete with accompanying status symbols.

While many consider Cadillacs, Rolls Royce cars, Rolex watches and Lear jets as some of the surest signs that someone has achieved elite status among the so-called upper class, there is another symbol that is even more closely associated with prestige and oppulence. Yes, it's none other than the magnificent monocle. Even during the Great Depression, the monocled old man in the game Monopoly stood for wealth and power. Presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson both served in the White House while keeping a monocled, aristocratic eye on world affairs. Even among villains, the monocled is preffered, not by common hoodlums and rift raft, but rather by meticulously tailored villains of high-standing such as the dignified but dangerous Penguin of Batman fame.  

So, for those who for whatever reason might want to present themselves as being  cultured, exclusive and obviously wealthy , forget the Jaguar or even the Maserati, go for the gold, go for the monocle. I think I might go out to the nearest pawn shop ( El Buffalo) and see if they have one, not so much to look rich, but to look presidential. Oops, come to think of it, I don't think the monopoloy guy had a monocle after all.

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