Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gas prices vary across Laredo

You can trust your car to the man who wears the Star!
Looks like the lowest price of gas in town at the moment happens to be $2.52 a gallon at the Stripes store located at 602 North Zapata Highway.  Coming in at 2nd place is the Valero store at 1601 Chihuahua street where gas is at $2.59 a/gallon. The HEB gas station at 2301 East Saunders  comes in at 3rd place with a gallon of gas there costing $2.65. Actually, this is pretty close to the prevailing range of $2.65 - $2.69 per gallon. I guess if you're looking for an additional perk, the HEB receipts have some coupons printed out on the back in case you're hungry for an extra (free) Whopper.


  1. This is outrageous and Washington lets these corporations rip us off. Billions in profit they are raking in . Washington should start cutting tax shelters with these thieves and not the working class. Up here DOW chemical and other giant petro-chemical conglomerates get every break available such property tax abatements but the if the ordinary citizen fails to pay yearly property tax they will get threatening letters by the local Sheriffs office of possible property confiscation QUICK !

  2. Another example of Corporate Welfare. The idea of it is just so ludicrous but since it's been going on for a just keeps going on. There is no common sense in Washington/Austin anymore- if there ever was. Thanks for the comment