Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Will history repeat itself with fracturing waste??

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Kelly Air Force Base (KAFB) in San Antonio has been one of the Air Force's major aircraft maintenance facilities since the 1950s. Located on 4000 acres and surrounded by residential neighborhoods, KAFB warehouses and maintains aircraft, jet engines, and accessory components (including nuclear materials) for worldwide distribution. Activities at the base can generate as much as 282,000 tons of hazardous waste per year, all in close proximity to the neighboring communities. (1)
Yolanda Johnson has lived one block from KAFB in the "North Kelly Gardens" community since 1965. She and others in the predominantly Hispanic surrounding communities have been complaining for years about health problems from contamination at the base. She remembers watching her children play at the fenceline of KAFB, while a few feet away air force personnel dumped contaminated waste into an open pit in the ground. At the time Mrs. Johnson didn't know what they were dumping, but she knew it smelled bad and "when it would rain, this pit would overflow and it would come into our neighborhood."(2)
San Antonio's Dumping Ground
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Over the years, her family began suffering from unexplainable illnesses. "My children started getting sick," Mrs. Johnson remembers. "I have two children whose legs start bowing, and their arms start bowing. And I kept thinking, 'There must be something wrong here,' because my children were healthy and now their bones were bowing." (3) Mrs. Johnson's family doctor was unable to determine the cause of the bone ailment and she was referred to specialists at the University hospital. Her children spent the next two years sleeping with casts on their arms and legs at night to correct the damage. Yolanda Johnson Now health effects are appearing in the third generation of her family-a granddaughter was born with missing ribs and a missing kidney while other grandchildren have suffered from kidney disease and hair loss. Other residents are falling ill as well-a health survey conducted in Mrs. Johnson's neighborhood in 1997 found that "91% of the adults and 79% of the children are suffering multiple illnesses" ranging from ear, nose and throat conditions to central nervous system disorders.

Read the entire article at : http://www.txpeer.org/toxictour/kelly.html

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