Wednesday, May 4, 2011

McAllen state rep's Border Economy bill gets House approval, moves on to senate for vote

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Gonzales's bill would create Economic Development Bureau for Border

From The Texas House of Representatives Website

AUSTIN - State Representative Veronica Gonzales (McAllen) welcomed support for passage of HB 372 on the House floor today which would benefit the State by advancing economic development along the Texas-Mexico border.

Gonzales authored HB 372 that would create the Bureau of Economic Development of the Border Region to research and provide recommendations to the legislature about potential border economic development projects in the entire border area.

"This bill acknowledges that the border region has a unique dynamic which presents distinct challenges and opportunities with regards to economic development," said Gonzales. "The Bureau would be the ideal entity to address these challenges and ensure that we take advantage of every opportunity to bring additional tax revenue to the State."

The Bureau would study opportunities and possible incentives to attract investment and business to our State and to hopefully entice companies to locate north of the border. Although other programs exist in the state, most focus on one particular segment of the border and not inclusive of the entire Texas-Mexico border. The Bureau would work to coordinate efforts with these programs and serve as a mode of information sharing.

"With the passage of this bill, important recommendations will be made to lawmakers in an effort to facilitate economic growth and investment in the border region which, in turn, benefits the entire State," stated Gonzales.

The bill is now expected to receive a hearing and be voted on in the Senate.


  1. Raul Salinas should be the head of the bureau; nevermind that he said, "nos vamos a comer el lonche de McAllen."

  2. Yeah, I think he likes belonging to bureaus. Pos si nos vamos a comer el Lonche de McAllen, entonces McAllen se esta comiendo unas cuantas parrilladas de Laredo (see all you can eat buffet).