Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Commissioners need to draw a line in the sand over shoddy work by contractors!

CAA's weatherization program is getting very expensive for Webb taxpayers.

The Webb county commissioner's court has the state of Texas on their side. State inspectors have ruled that work done by local contractors under CAA's weatherization program was inferior. Furthermore, the state is recommending that the county not pay for such shoddy work. If payment is made, the county will have to foot the bill.  Everything points to an easy decision for the county court. They absolutely should refuse to pay the $409 thousand dollars in question. But will they?

Their fear is that if they don't pay, the contractors will file a lawsuit. Let them! How can a contractor sue when, in many cases, an application for funding wasn't even filed? It's between the contractor and the homeowner. Why drag the county in when there's no application asking them to do so? Also, what jury will uphold a lawsuit filed under such questionable circumstances?

If the commissioner's decide to pay up, the state will not reimburse them. The court's lack of backbone and common sense will mean that the $409K comes out of the taxpayer's funding. Incredibly, the very people who put these people in "power" and entrusted them with their hard earned dollars will end up paying the bill. 

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