Monday, May 2, 2011

Push Bush: Cuellar among a few Dems pushing to name federal buildings after Bushes

Bush: Hey Henry, you're getting more & more "cachetone"

WASHINGTON — Legislation that the House approved Monday would rename the courthouse and federal building in Midland the George H.W.Bush  and George W. Bush (Dubya) United States Courthouse and George Mahon Federal Building.

The bill, by Midland Republican Rep. Mike Conaway, would tack the names of Midland’s father-son presidents onto the existing George Mahon Federal Building, at 200 E. Wall Street.
 “The community I call home could not be prouder of our two most famous residents,” Conaway said as he offered the measure.

Mahon, a 22-term Democrat who served as chairman of the Appropriations Committee for the last 16 years of his congressional career, died in 1985.

Conaway’s bill had 25 co-sponsors — every other Texas Republican in the House, plus House Democrats Henry Cuellar of Laredo, Ruben Hinojosa of Mercedes and Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston.
The bill now heads to the Senate.

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