Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's nice to know the Alamo city is thinking of us


Many of you might have heared the repeated roar of USAF jets flying over East Laredo this morning. Not even the many car alarms that were set off by their rumbling could drown out such noise. Since our very own Laredo Air Force Base was closed way back in 1973, I knew these jets were probably coming out of San Antonio. In calling the local airport offices, I was told by administration/operations that I would have to call the tower. As it turns out, the tower isn't told anything about when these jets are coming down this way either. The person I spoke to said that I would need to call Kelly AFB because "they don't even tell us, they just send them down here".

I guess San Antonio leaders just see Laredo as a place they can use once in a while as they see fit. So, what else is new. It's clear that McAllen and San Antonio both have an appetite for Laredo's proverbial lunch.

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