Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This just in: Was FoxNews really hacked? Or was it faux?

From Straight.Com
By Adrian Mackon May 31, 2011at 10:19 AM
A video appeared on YouTube yesterday (May 31) purporting to show the Fox News ticker on New York’s 6th Avenue as it's being hacked. Rather than informing the Big Apple in its conventional style that radiation is good for you and that we’ve always been at war with Eurasia, the ticker blinks momentarily before the following message appears: “We are being lied to. Rightwingers are destroying the middle class and trying to kill our unions. The country is not broke. We are the richest country in the world. USA is twice as rich as China. Our economy is bigger than most of Europe combined. We are not broke. We are being lied to. We will rise up. We will fight back. We will spread the truth.”

Whoever posted the video writes,
“I accessed the Fox ticker basically to get your attention. Also because Fox deserves it: they're the 24/7 mouthpiece of the right wing. They are huge perpetuators of the big lie.
This country isn't broke. Question is: where is the money going?

Americans have a right to know their pockets are being fleeced by corporations and tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and we can no longer tolerate the deceit FoxNews is perpetuating.
For the record, I am not connected to Anonymous or any of the recent attacks on the PSN, PBS, Nasdaq or So-net.”
So, is it real? Results from the Straight’s in-house Optical Fakery Lab are still pending, but Mediaite has this to say: “There is no evidence that the display can show colors besides amber, but the display flickers with reds and blues,” and, “This isn’t a TV. It’s likely a series of LEDs. Meaning that such a switchover effect is highly unlikely – more likely that it would simply switch off and then back on with new text.”

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