Monday, May 9, 2011

Supposedly, Mayor Salinas has been invited to personally meet with Obama in El Paso

"Look, let me be clear: I want Raul Salinas at the meeting, period!

From Pro8News, coverage you can count on!

By now many Texans may be aware that the President of the United States will be visiting the Lonestar State this coming week. The latest news, Laredo’s Mayor has received and invite to personally meet with Barrack Obama as well. The meeting, expected to take place this Tuesday in El Paso where Obama will be addressing immigration reform.

However, the White House has called upon Mayor Raul Salinas and some other border mayors in hopes of speaking with them regarding the issue following his address. “The President wants to hear from the border mayors, but also wants to hear from the people on the border. We understand immigration reform, we live it everyday, we have our partners that also have a lot to offer our country. It’s something that needs fixing. I certainly appreciated the invitation and that’s why I’m going to make this trip,” says Salinas.

Well Salinas says he also plans on congratulating the president on the country’s recent triumph over Osama Bin Laden.


  1. I saw that and said "nooooooooo..." Why couldn't he meet with the city manager?

  2. Mayor, what are your thoughts on offering immigrants a path to citizenship? The Dream Act? Should cops ask about a person's residency status?

    Will you offer anything of substance?

  3. He hasn't so far, why start now? I wondering if he invited himself.

  4. Obama: Mayor, your thoughts on the dream act?
    Mayor: Umm, well yea, it's a good dream and sometimes we can make our dreams a the 7 lanes we just opened up at the World Trade Bridge! I mean everyone did a fantastic job- we work together, local, state, federal, with our friends in Mexico........President? where'd he go?