Sunday, May 8, 2011

City to hold special council meeting with 1 agenda item: Their all you can eat buffet will probably last longer

Mayor: Pronto, I can smell the food all the way over here!

Never ones to miss out on an opportunity to enjoy a scrumptious meal at taxpayer's expense, the Laredo city council will get yet another chance to so Monday. Their agenda lists only one item: to canvass last week's district VII elections. However long (or short) that takes, you can bet our Mayor, council and staff will be in full attendance. If any of you have trouble getting a hold of any of them, this is the place you can sure to find them. They simply will not miss scalping the taxpayers for free food.

On the agenda for Monday, April 9th, Laredo City council meeting:

vacancy for Council Member for District VII held on Saturday, April 30, 2011;
approving the results and ordering a Special Runoff Election; designating a
Webb County Elections Administrator; and providing for publication.
2011-R-043 Canvassing the returns of the Special City Election to fill a
That's it!  Chow Time!


  1. I looked out for the city council meeting replay this week (wednesday and friday) but it wasn't shown. Are they keeping the meeting from me?

  2. I think it's a conspiracy to cover-up the meeting from the bloggers. I saw it cause I streamed it off the city's website, but I have no idea why they didn't do the replays.

  3. KR, the lady at the public access station says that they did broadcast the meeting last Wednesday and Friday at 6pm and will continue to do so. I told her the "schedule" button on their website wouldn't open up and she said "I don't know about that". Maybe she's in on the conspiracy?? OK probably not. She seemed nice about it anyway- good customer service for a change.