Wednesday, May 25, 2011

41,000 fewer Texans to get financial aid: Nambre, yo no quiero ir al colegio como quiera

From the Dallas Morning Times

AUSTIN — Texas’ state universities and colleges would provide financial aid to 41,000 fewer students over the next two years under a proposed budget agreement, and key senators warned Monday that will narrow the path to upward mobility for minority and poor youths.

Families will struggle more to send their children to college because of cuts in the emerging two-year budget, which will reduce scholarship recipients at state schools by 27 percent, said Sens. Steve Ogden , R-Bryan, and Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo.

“That budget is going to make it harder for poor kids to go to college because we don’t have enough financial aid in there,” said Ogden, the Senate’s chief budget negotiator. He also predicted that tuition would rise because of other cuts to the universities’ state funding.

Zaffirini, head of the Senate Higher Education Committee, said the budget “would be devastating” to the state’s 11-year-long effort to have black, Hispanic and poor children of any race attend and graduate from college at the same rates as affluent whites.


  1. Pos... que no vayan y aver como nos va. Or they can start earning their chavitos now unless they want to take the route I took - worked my butt off so I wouldn't have to take out a loan.

    Of course, that meant a few homeless moments and in my graduate years, it meant food stamps. Gotta help me up one way or another if you want me to be a productive member of society. ¿Porque los ricos tienen que ser tan envidiosos?

  2. Asi son. Kids nowadays extend their kidhood way past the normal adult age and continue to live with and depend on their poor, hard working parents. Tsk Tsk.