Monday, May 9, 2011

AB Salinas articles make sense but sometimes seem like a replay

LMT Biz Journal: Poor customer service continues to plague Laredo

I can identify with LMT's Business Journal contributor AB Salinas in a way. Sometimes, I post something only to realize that I had already written on the topic before. Of course, the trick is to present some sort of update on the issue or perhaps a new slant. Yet, there are certain times when you feel pretty strong about a particular subject that you just have to essentially repeat yourself.

I guess this is the situation in which Barrera finds himself. I usually read his articles in the Biz Journal but not always. Upon reading today's version, I realized that just about everything he was talking about, he had talked about before. Apparently, the gist of the matter is that customer service in Laredo continues to be abysmal and so he has to keep on sounding the alarm. This is good and necessary but once in a while, he might try sounding that alarm in a slightly different pitch, just to make it a bit more interesting.

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