Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texas for Sale: CEOs rank Texas tops for business

I guess the slacker on the left is California. Notice "Texas" is still a white guy!

With the current debate raging over whether or not fracking is safe for the residents of our state, CEOs across the nation are lauding the Lone Star State's  "bend-over-backwards" accomodating attitude. According to the the Governor's own website, our state has been ranked among the tops for business again. Who's doing the ranking? Non-Texan CEOs across the rest of the US of course. Why would they not be happy to come down to a state that puts money ahead of everthing else, including it's own people's best interests?

From Gov. Rick Perry's Website:
Texas has been ranked the top state for job growth and business development for the seventh year in a row in a survey of CEOs by Chief Executive Magazine. The survey asked 550 CEOs to consider a wide range of criteria, from taxation and regulation to workforce quality and living environment, in the magazine's annual ranking of the best states for business.
"Texas' top ranking as the best state for business for seven years running by CEOs across the nation is a testament to our successful model for job creation and economic prosperity," Gov. Perry said. "I am proud of our state's accomplishments and remain committed to upholding principles like low taxes, restrained spending, reasonable regulations and a fair legal system, which have made Texas the best state in the nation to live, work, raise a family and start a business."

In the study, Texas received strong marks in all areas important for business creation, while highlighting the state's low tax burden and robust job creation compared to other states. Additionally, the study credited the state's predictable policies and regulations, positive attitude toward business and Texans' strong work ethic with helping the state hold the top ranking since 2005.

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