Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Video slot machines Garza & others are pushing are "the crack cocaine of gambling"

I'm willing to bet Laredo will get its racino!

From The Moral Liberal.com

HJR 111 is the bill that opens the floodgates. To use a Texas expression, it is the “big enchilada” and, of course, it is the bill that Speaker Joe Straus wanted from the very beginning — video lottery terminals/VLT’s, video lottery games, games of chance played on terminals that are electronically simulated at racetracks and Indian reservations.

Electronic gambling (e.g., slot machines) is one of the most dangerous forms of gambling because it preys on pathological gamblers. Video Slot Machines are known as the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling because of their addictive nature…The addiction cycle is shorter – about 1 year to become addicted.

Failing race tracks would become major slot machine casinos, also called ‘Racinos,’ overnight. Texas Observer Andrew Wheat wrote on 4.8.10, “Texas House Speaker Joe Straus III’s family could earn tens of millions of dollars if lawmakers and voters agree to let racetracks install slot machines (VLT’s).”

Joe Straus has had long-standing business interests in gambling.  He and/or his family own Retama Park in Selma (near San Antonio), Laredo Downs ( a licensed but not yet built track), Valle de los Tesoros Park in McAllen, and Austin Jockey Club.


  1. And how would Juan Narvaez make out?

  2. I'm sure he's been prepared for this for a while. Cha-ching!