Friday, May 6, 2011

Short and simple: Hispanics are now majority in Texas public schools

Hispanics make up 52 per cent of state's students.
From the Texas Education Agency
For the first time in modern Texas history, Hispanic students now make up a majority of those enrolled in Texas public schools.  Newly released enrollment statistics for the 2010-2011 school year show there are 2,480,000 Hispanic students in the public schools, representing 50.2 percent of the total enrollment, which is 4,933,617. A report detailing previous enrollment trends is also available.
If Hispanics are now a majority in the public schools, then why are republicans skewing the historical perspective of our state to minimize the contributions of "minorities" such as Hispanics- who are now actually no longer a minority but the majority. This white, GOP control of our majority-minority state has got to end soon. Otherwise, Texas will be under white minority rule. We can't have that.......not at My HEB!


  1. It is projected that Hispanics will outnumber anglos in Texas by 2020. By possibly 2025 Hispanics will outnumber all other ethnic groups combined in Texas!! It is my belief that Hispanics in the very near future will begin becoming the majority on city councils primarily from Abilene to El Paso and northward to just south of Amarillo!

  2. good
    time to end affirmative action