Friday, May 20, 2011

Mayor takes issue with being blamed for Chamber/TxDot Fiasco

Although Pro8News didn't really go into it, they made a passing reference that Mayor Salinas was pretty upset about being "blamed" for the controversial (to say the least) blacking out of "Nuevo Laredo" from TxDot signs on IH-35 South just a few miles North of the Gateway City.

If the Mayor found out about it only afterwards, as most of us did, then I can see where he would be upset about having fingers pointed at him. However, if he knew about it (Which I can't confirm) and simply let it happen, then there might be good reason to include him in the fiasco.  He could have at least come out and publicly express his disapproval of the misguided plan.

By the way, when Pro8news intervied him, the Mayor said it was a TxDot decision but he forgot to mention that the state agency was acting on a request by the Chamber of commerce. So, again, the Mayor might not have known anything at all,. or he might have just decided to look the other way. As I said, KGNS did not really go into this. So much for "coverage you can count on"!

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