Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whacko weather so far this year

Ol' Heatwave's been around for a while but has seldom seen such weather as 2011.

In watching Laredo's inimitable Richard "Heatwave" Behrler, I was somewhat amazed to see that 2011 has been a record-setting year in regards to the weather. Frankly, I'm thinking of buying an old Farmer's almanac just to see what kind of summer to expect considering that our recent weather seems to have a split personality. Consider these facts that Ol' Heatwave told us about tonight:

February 3rd, 2011 -  That day's high of 30 degrees was the lowest high ever in February.
March ,2011           -  This was the warmest March in the last 86 years.
April, 2011              -  This April was the warmest April ever in Laredo
May 2, 2011           -   The temperature dropped to 41 degrees, the lowest temperature in May since 1900.

All in all, it looks like 2011 is turning out to be an exceptional year weather-wise. With this type of swings in temperatures, this could be a cooler than usual Summer but the consensus out on the streets of Laredo are that it's going to be a real scorcher. That water park that never materialized is sure sounding better and better.


  1. Now WHERE in the world did you find that picture?!?!?! It made me laugh so hard my belly muscles hurt!

  2. It's Heatwave circa lale '70s. It's part of the retro pro8news look. I keep finding this stuff at!

  3. I want that t-shirt!