Monday, May 23, 2011

Chesapeake Energy garners Excellence Award for it's exploitation of Eagle Ford Shale region

Ironically, blue & green, the color of the very environment they're poisoning.

This next nugget of information comes from Galaxy, as in sky-high. Chesapeake Energy continues to be a big player in the Eagle Ford Shale region right in our backyard (or is it front yard?).  With deep pockets, and even deeper political influence, Chesapeake and other oil & gas interests continue to do as they please with the highly water-intensive, petroleum extracting process known as fracking.

From Galaxy

Chesapeake Energy Corporation NYSE:CHK has recently achieved a new milestone as company has been selected to receive the 7th Oil and Gas Investor Excellence Award for the 2010 M&A Deal of the Year for its $2.2 billion joint venture transaction with CNOOC Limited NYSE:CEO in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas.


  1. The $1 million they were fined in Pennsylvania for contaminating water wells is a drop in the bucket for these people.

  2. On the one hand they're fined, on the other they're honored. Maybe they were honored because they managed to get such a proportionately measly fine. They own the country apparently.