Wednesday, May 4, 2011

John Castro's "My Plan for Laredo" already had 5th bridge, but no beer runs

 "Way back in '05, there was this book...."

It's possible I might have missed a chapter, but I was looking over John Castro's 2005 "My Plan for Laredo" and lo and behold, it appears he didn't have the foresight to predict those infamous beer runs. I really can't blame him. Who would have thought that, in just a few short years, the local beer runs would essentially be driving the economic of our area.  Plus, simultaneously driving our city council crazy. Truth be told, beer runs have all of a sudden, become the subject of countless political tugs of war.

Not surprisingly, the phantom 5th bridge was already old news by the time Castro published his book. In a way, the 5th bridge is the Fidel Castro of Laredo. It is a myth that has outlasted several mayors, many city councilmen and even  some U.S. congressmen. I remember someone by the name of Henry Bonilla saying that the federal government would not grant a presidential permit for the bridge Unless the city of Laredo and Webb county would work together. Well, it's been over a decade since the idea was first considered. So...., how's that cooperation thingy working for ya?

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