Monday, May 23, 2011

TAMIU graduates many more teachers but very few teaching jobs in sight

Teachers protest in Austin, the past weekend.

This month, nearly 130 future teachers graduated from Laredo's Texas A&M International University. The number of education graduates appears to be dwindling but the number of available jobs is next to zero. Laredotejas has reported several times on the need for TAMIU to publicly address the dire state of the teaching job market. We also feel that TAMIU needs to do an immediate about face and emphasize those degree programs for which there is an increasing demand, not a dwindling one.

Good Luck to all the recent graduates, regardless of your field of study, and may all of you be able to secure good jobs with decent pay and benefits despite the daunting outlook. The misplaced premium of cutting educational funding by Texas republicans only serves to exacerbate the situation. As the protesters outside the state capitol were singing this weekend :  (sung to the tune of The Eyes of Texas)

If you vote against the children,
There will be no doubt
The Eyes of Texas are upon you
And we will vote you out 
Maybe the tide will finally turn against the 20-year reign of the Grand Ol' Party in the Lone Star state.

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