Monday, May 9, 2011

Webb and City firefighters are not exactly a team

Henry should get the city and county Firefighters to "just get along"

During today's Webb county commissioner's meeting, an individual whose name I did not get, related the recent events at a huge wildfire near the Columbia Solidarity bridge. It appears that the fire broke out very near to the city-county boundary Northwest of Laredo. The prevailing winds happened to blow most of the fire onto the county's property. According to what the speaker said, the City of Laredo Fire Department essentially just bailed out on the county firefighters. After the LFD took off, the Webb fire department continued to battle the blaze for another 20 hours.

I think the mistrust between city/county is certainly spreading. They can't agree on an international bridge and now they can't even band together to put out a few wildfires. I thought Mayor Salinas and Danny Valdez were best buddies, what gives?


  1. Best buddies unless money is involved?

  2. I thought all firemen were like brothers. Isn't the way they usually like to portray themselves?

  3. This is about the Laredo Firefighters Union not getting the county to buy into the city's proposed $3million contract last year.

    The best I can figure is the firefighters thought they were going to get paid extra for fighting fires in the county if the contract had been signed, or that they would be allowed to work at "fire stations in the county" on their off days with Laredo (which are several by the way.)

    It would be really sad to see city firefighters not respond to mutal aid request within the county. As we all know, most of the ranch owners actually live, or have a home in Laredo.

    Too bad selfishness is entering in to this.