Sunday, May 22, 2011

Raymond corrects wacky birther Leo Berman on birthright of US-born babies

Birther Berman salutes flag, but is ignorant of US constitution

By Karen Brooks - The Dallas Morning Times

In a floor fight between Dallas County and Collin County reps over whether to charge sponsors of legal aliens for hospital bills, Rep. Leo Berman - who is fast becoming the most predictable member of the Texas House - approached the back mic.

The Tyler republican demanded to know if the measure's sponsor, Rep. Van Taylor , was aware that "70 percent of new births at Parkland Hospital are illegal aliens?!?!?!"  The conversation went on for a few minutes more, with Berman carrying on about how nobody ever wants to collect cash from illegal aliens for all the services they use, and how any time you ever go to the emergency room at Parkland - ANY TIME - it's "packed with illegal aliens"

Then Rep. Richard Raymond, R-Laredo, stepped up and said he needed to make a correction to Leo's assertion about how 70 percent of new births at Parkland were illegal aliens. "I need to make a small correction," he said. "You're aware that everyone born in this country is a U.S. citizen? Right? You are aware of that?"

It's possible that Berman just misspoke because he likely meant that they were born to parents who were illegal aliens. It's also possible that Berman meant every word because, in his mind, children of illegal aliens aren't U.S. citizens and shouldn't be counted as such.  Unfortunately for Mr. Berman, the law hasn't changed yet - and saying it doesn't make it so.

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