Monday, May 9, 2011

Does Judge Danny Valdez need a teleprompter?

Valdez to Lake Casa Blanca rescuers: "I think we're pround of you" !

As is standard for most of Laredo's elected officials, they usually make a flub or two when talking to the public. Actually, this extends to most of  our town's public speakers, whether they be on the radio, television (even with a script) or at any of the public meetings throughout town. With their propensity for bungling, I am surprised none of our elected officials have resorted to employing a telepromtper to cut back on frequent verbal gaffes.

Just this morning, Judge Danny Valdez was honoring three young men who bravely dove into the waters of Lake Casa Blanca over the weekend and saved several swimmers who were in danger of drowning.  Valdez's gaffe this morning was minor in that it was just one word, but major in it's effect on what he really was trying to say. In praising the thre young men, Valdez offered " I think we're proud of you".....before correcting himself  "Actually, I KNOW we're proud of you".  Good catch Judge.

What's a good teleprompter go for anyway? I'm sure it can't be as overprized as that $500 air filter which, as Laredotejas reported last week,  the county recently purchased from Gonzalez auto parts for one of it's trucks. I know with the dust in Laredo we need really good air filters, but $500??

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