Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do students get tired of "graduating" by the time they get to High School?

With the Laredo Morning Times also wanting to cash in on graduation season by asking people to post a picture of their graduate(s) for only $30, it's apparent that there's money to be made. This includes the cap and gown business, the photo business and the invitation business. In view of this, it's no wonder that nowadays there's graduations happening at just about every grade level .Some might even wonder if kids get worn out by so many graduations. There's pre-kinder graduations, 5th grade graduations, 8th grade graduations and in case you forgot, high school graduations.

Given the exorbitant dropout rate in our area, it makes perfect sense to remind students that educational success is something to be celebrated. Nonetheless, is it likely that our schools are overdoing the graduation thing just a little bit too much? When a student has "graduated" three or four times by the time they reach high school, will he or she be burned out by the whole process just a bit?