Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No love lost between Texas GOP and Obama

Perry: I got  a letter right heah for you mister prezident, I suggests you read it.

From the Houston Chronicle

Whether they’re threatening secession (Gov. Rick Perry), questioning his birth certificate (Rep. Leo Berman) or demanding that he not use political capital gained from killing Osama bin Laden to back immigration reform (Rep. Michael McCaul) — Texas Republicans have never been happy with President Obama or his policies.  
Last time when Obama came to Austin, Gov. Perry greeted the President at the airport with a letter demanding that more resources be placed on the border. This time GOP leaders have decided to welcome the President to Texas by inviting him on a tour of rural areas devastated by the fire after slamming FEMA’s decision not to grant Texas a major disaster declaration. Politics is one thing, but can anyone else remember a President being met with such open hostility by political leaders in other states?
The  short answer  is "I purty much reckon not cuz hes just plumb gotta know you don't go 'round messing with Texas" (also pronounced Tayx-sus).


  1. Kinda like the way Gov. Perry is treated in Laredo.

    Not right, but that is the way the new politics seem to work.

  2. I don't think Perry was treated with hostility when he came to Laredo. I know that Hutchingson certainly hasn't. I might be wrong on Perry but not on Hutchinson.

  3. The stories I could tell, especially about Eagle Copper plant that was never built because the city politicos screwed up. Not enough space here though. One of Perry's aides who was going to help subsidize the plant with state money was kicked off a private plane full of Laredo politicos. The locals said they didn't need the states help. Funny how that phrase gets around.