Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If car is "an extension of a Texan's home", then, can you drink and drive?

See my truck back there? That's like my second living room so I can keep my gun there!

From The Austin American Statesman

In the Texas House, Republican members are often faithful supporters of issues important to the gun and business lobbies. On Tuesday, they had to choose between the two. And guns won.

With a voice vote, the House passed Senate Bill 321, which was sponsored by Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt, R-Lexington. Before the debate, he had swapped out his similar House version for the Senate bill, which has already passed the upper chamber. The measure would prohibit employers from banning guns in their employees' vehicles that are parked at work.

Kleinschmidt said that in Texas, where many people hunt, residents see vehicles as extension of their homes and should have the right to keep firearms locked in their vehicles without fear of being fired or disciplined.

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