Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why do so many Laredo Cheerleading teams win "National Champions"?

Does "National" really mean National??

Over the years, I've noticed that there have been many, many Laredo cheer leading teams who have been know to win "National Champions".  Just this week, the Laredo City Council spent more than a few minutes to honor another elementary cheer leading team winning the apparently coveted award. How can Laredo win so often? I mean we're not talking regional or state champions we're talking "National Champions". Well, as it turns out, there's this company who makes their money by holding cheer leading competitions all year long. Furthermore, the word "National" is very prominent in their name.

So, the question is this: Are the winners at this company's competitions really National champions as in champions of the entire United States, or are they the champions of competitions sponsored by the company named "National"?  I know Laredo loves its cheerleaders but I think this is a very fair question. After all, these girls spend many, many hours perfecting their routines and they, more than anyone else, deserve to know what these awards they've been winning really mean. So, if anybody out there know the answer, please let us know. A la bim, a la bam, a bim bom bam !!


  1. I heard a report that the Justice Department will soon investigate all these "National Championships" from the teen and tween crowds.

    The Justice Department will crack heads and take names in order to get to the bottom of the smoke and mirrors used to garner national titles!

    Either that or give Pro 8 News a call. Everyone calls them when something goes wrong.

    1. what happened? Was there an investigation?

  2. By the way, don't say Laredoans "loves its cheerleaders" too loudly.

    That might just initiate an ordinance from the city council. And, some backslapping to boot.

  3. OOPS, it's a Freudian Slip- in reverse- sort of.

  4. This might be a very late response but, regardless if Laredo cheer teams win National, Regional or State champions, winning first place at very publicised and recognized competitions defines Laredo cheerleading teams as being the one of the BEST. In particular, the competitions you see on ESPN and on, are viewed as one of the most prestigious sponsors or so called "companies". I've seen the time, blood, tears, sweat, and effort that those young ladies and gentleman put into their practices. Is it really that hard to believe that Laredo can have so much talent? Laredoans can go on and on about how cheerleading is overrated. But, those young men and women are rolemodels to the Laredo community. Instead of wondering about the validity of "National cheer titles" go to and search for a Laredo high school team (Ex: United High Schhol) and compare them to the other 100 plus teams around the country you'll see why they win. But to further explain how competitions work, of course, competitions have different categgories and divisions. For example, a high school team cannot compete against a middle school team. Also, a cheer team who cannot tumble but are better at stunting have their own division as well. The size of the team plays a factor as well. So, you can win first place(national champions) in all the different divisions. However, note that numerous schools and cheer studios around the country compete in prestigious competitions. This year, if you did not already know, United High School won World and National Champions. You are able to view their routine on the Varsity website. They competed in the highest level and you can clearly see the skills they have compared to the other schools competing.

  5. There are competitions every month for cheerleading and a "National Champion" is crowned at every single one. The use of the words "National Champion" is just a farce to make money.