Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The bookstore drought that never was

Laredo Books & More helped prevent Laredo from being truly "bookless"

As Laredo's Most Imposing Blog reported today, contrary to popular belief, Laredo was not really without a bookstore for the past year. Several enterprising Laredoans moved quickly to prevent the void. However, as LaSanbe also pointed out, everyone labeled the Gateway city as the largest city without a bookstore. Below is how the Houston Chronicle reported the supposed return of books to the bordertown.

From The Houston
LAREDO, Texas — No longer is Laredo the nation's largest city without a bookstore. The Texas border city of 250,000 people Thursday will celebrate the opening of a Books-a-Million, more than a year after losing its only bookstore and giving Laredo the dubious distinction of being the largest city in the U.S. without a single bookseller.

A spokeswoman for the city says the new store will occupy the same space abandoned last year when Barnes & Noble Inc. acquired B. Dalton Bookseller and closed 49 stores nationally.
Officials with Books-a-Million didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.


  1. ...and in the process, will kill Laredo Books & More. Oh well. I need to go find something else to do with my time, then.

  2. LT, Laredo has had booksellers but not bookstores since Books a Million left years ago. Even Book a Million doesn't cut it.