Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making Lemonade out of limes at UISD

Only 10 per cent of UISD seniors passed the math TAKS exit test

UISD continues with it's putting lipstick on a bulldog philosophy. As one of the trustees indicated displeasure with the most recent TAKS scores, a highly overpaid UISD administrator immediately turned the spin cycle to high. From today's LMT:

In addition to the preliminary math and reading scores, UISD presented to the public last week the passing rates of high school seniors who took the 2011 exit-level TAKS test. Results included those who were retaking the exam as well as first time testers.

They must pass it to graduate. Of the 142 UISD seniors who took the math test, 14, or 10 percent, passed.
The following are the rest of the passing rates on the exit-level test:

  • Social studies − 57 percent.
  • Science − 46 percent.
  • English language arts − 18 percent.
UISD trustee Javier Montemayor expressed concern last week about the subpar passing rates, but Pamela Juarez, UISD associate supt. of curriculum said they are an improvement from five years ago. “(Low scores have) been chiseled down throughout the years,” she said. Students who fail can continue to retake the test. Final TAKS results will be released in July.
Chieseled down? Is that the best they can offer, after years and years of exorbitant salaries. Forget the chiesel, as bad as the situation is and as high as the salaries are, you need a jackhammer!


  1. Maximiliano,

    Ms. Juarez is not overpaid! She deserves every cent of that six figure salary, I am sure, for telling her army of administrators what to do. (By the way, have you ever been in that administration building on the Loop and 360? The whole building probably houses more than a few million dollars worth of salaries.)

    The results of these tests that you highlight have been a constant trend since the mid 1990s. So, for her to say they have been "chiseled down" is a bit on the duplicitous side. In fact, some of those testing areas--such as Science and Social Studies--are new to the testing fields. About ten years ago, all it was was Reading, Writing, and Math with TAKS. TEKS and now STARS will have other issues I am sure.

    On a side note, welcome back LMPB. Our resident blogger patrol was out and noting that you were offline. Be sure you notify Que Fregados of your plans or downtime. OK? :)

  2. Yes, I've been in that building but I looked around and all I saw was a bunch of clowns so I figured I was in some sort of cirque du soleil auditions. Thanks for the info, I'll make sure to let QF know if I go AWOL- but will i get docked? Will BOLAS garnish my paycheck??

  3. Ha!

    That building is well secured, that's for sure. I couldn't even get past the secretary behind the plate-glass window as administrators came in and out with bags of food. Alas.

    Well, you better check in with KeyRose at BOLAS. I hear he has some pull.