Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back slapping and glad handing at council meetings getting longer.....& longer & zzzz

Whereas, too much back slapping is going on, and Whereas you're overdoing it!

It's not often that I agree with local radio talk show host Tom Wade. As far back as I can remember, Wade has had a tendency to lean a little bit too much to the wrong right. However, he frequently voices his opinion that there is just too much "back slapping & glad-handing" at our city council meetings and, at least this time, I couldn't agree more.

I didn't get to see the city council meeting on Monday evening but when I did get a chance to stream it online, the BS&GH was worse than ever. It doesn't seem to be enough anymore that every single council person has to toot his/her own horn. Now, they have to show a "clip" or a presentation about whatever it is that they want to show off.  It certainly appears that the budget for these payasadas exercises in self-admiration is getting bigger and bigger.

Incidentally, one of the presentations was called for by councilman Rangel. He requested a status update on, what must be another recreation center; namely, the HINES recreation center as Mr. Rangel mentioned. Wait a minute......, you don't think he was referring to the Haynes recreation center do you??


  1. Actually..........Just sayin N Stuff, umm pretty much N stuff.

  2. I looked out for the city council meeting rerun last night, but public access had video of a fish tank on display.
    For a minute there, I thought I actually owned fish.

  3. You sure you didn't click on an alternate universe? Maybe he's actually said "Haynes" in that one?