Monday, May 30, 2011

Local in X Factor auditions in Dallas

Dallas Morning News

They came from down the street and across the country. They walked, drove and flew. Some had to skip school during the last week of seventh grade and others had to request off work. No matter their location, age or experience, they all waited in line for hours at the Dallas Convention Center to register for the X Factor auditions.

Here's a look at some of the hopeful vocalists trying to snag a slot on the Fox TV show with the chance of finally making it big. (It just so happens that one of those hopefuls was from the Gateway City)

Hugo Valdez, 44, Laredo, Texas: Valdez will audition with "Can I have this dance?" -- an original song he wrote for his 12-year-old daughter and hopes to sing to her on her wedding day. "I'm doing it just for myself," he says. "If somebody likes the song, I can go back home and tell her."

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