Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ironically, I can't comment on my own posts. Is it BOLAS??

Everytime I attempt to input a comment, it sends me to above screen. Hijo e'su!

Starting a couple of days ago, evertime I try to respond to a comment, I get dropped. In other words, I sign in and then I type in a comment and then I select "google ID". When I hit enter, it signs me out without posting my comment. Keyrose, BTB, if you know how to fix this deal, send me an email or a comment. I realize it might be the MIBs of BOLAS but just in case.


  1. Dude, its certainly the MIBs of BOLAS. I have had no problems since that blackout of May 12-14.

    What about deleting all cookies and starting over? Usually things like that are browser issues.

  2. Or... WORDPRESS!! Ok, ok, you didn't ask us wordpressers. Keep your troublesome blogger.