Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hopefully, everything's ok with BTB, he's MIA again

For the second day, Laredo blogging colossal BorderTown Blues has been quiet. Upon attempting to access his site, his many followers and readers have been met with a short explanation :"no posts".  We hope Mr. Blues and his family are all doing well.  For all we know, maybe he didn't pay his dues to the seemingly omniscient BOLAS.  Yours truly encountered some trouble posting about a month and there were rumors that BOLAS (Blogs Of Laredo Association Statistics) might have been behind it.

There have even reports that BOLAS has GPS capabilities to find out the whereabouts of all its members. Nonetheless, let's hope that we get to hear from BTB soon enough. There's a slight, slight, chance that he might have gone to San Antonio to help someone one move but that couldn't be confirmed as of press time.

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  1. ___dile que "watch out" for the sting on LaSanbe