Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Will fracking render our area unrecognizable?

Just as at the end of the motion picture "Planet of the Apes", it is possible that many of us will not recognize our South Texas brush land after it's been all "fracked out".  Even now, as one travels to Cotulla or Carrizo Springs, there are signs of exploitation everywhere. Of course, it's all in the name of jobs and infusion of much-need economic activity.  So, we're supposed to be OK with it, up to a certain point.  The question becomes up to what point?

If our towns reap the economic benefits of the current fracking boom, will our water and air be safe?  If they can be kept safe or even "made" safe by the oil and gas companies, will it be worth it?  Will it be worth any price, if in order to reap some monetary rewards and retain safe air and water, you give up what drew you to the land in the first place?  Namely, the rugged, windswept beauty of the surrounding area.  Will you be happy to give up watching the sunset beyond the gnarled, yet proud Mesquite and Oak trees at any cost? And what if your safe water now comes from an obtrusive, mechanical contraption instead of from the natural resource that had given you so much for so long ?

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