Saturday, June 25, 2011

Are you listening UISD? Laredo ISD to save $Millions by cutting on administrators

Laredo Independent School District continued to "set the example", a phrase that's for the most part over-used by school districts near and far. In this case, it actually is a real example being set.  LISD Superintendent informed the Laredo Morning Times recently that, all through out the district, everyone will have to do "more with less".  One thing there will be less of is the number of highly-paid administrators.  Nelson told the Laredo Morning Times:

“Like it or not, we’re going to have to do things differently,” LISD Superintendent A. Marcus Nelson told the district’s school board Thursday.

A portion of the plan entails eliminating around 90 of at least 250 positions that will soon be vacated by those leaving the district. Meanwhile, some occupied positions will be eliminated through attrition. That means the district reassigns an employee to a vacancy and cuts the position he or she had. For example, the assistant special education director position will be eliminated after that employee assumes the vacant director slot.

Among the positions under review are 40-plus slots, including several high-ranking ones, within the curriculum and instruction department.They include department directors for bilingual and English as a Second Language, guidance and counseling, fine arts and health services.The 40-plus positions are paid more than $2 million

Guaa-catelas!!  OK UISD, Your Turn!


  1. Too bad these folks don't know what the word "consolidation" means. That would save millions more.

    Keep up the good work Max.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tom Wade-I agree that consolidation would be the long-term answer. Some of these districts won't even budge short-term. By the way, are you back on the radio yet?? If so, where and what time?

  3. I think I am off the radio for good. I was tired of dealing with 4:30 a.m. And I have too much to do business wise. I am reworking the blog, and hope to have that back up mid-July. My partner and I are working on a Drudge Report type web page concept for Laredo and S. Texas news. Still trying to figure out how to work that.

    Thanks for asking Max

  4. Well sorry you're off the radio, but it sounds like it was a hassle. Good luck with your rededicated website.