Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So far, looks like Beer runs have toned down their "shows"

"Uh,  obviously, our ordinance is working and that's a good thing for Laredo."

About a month after the Laredo city council passed an ordinance meant to crack down on the questionable marketing techniques of local beer runs, it appears that the level of risque has subsided somewhat.  A telling sign that beer runs have decided to behave is the fact that more than one of the female attendants at these establishments have been rumored to be actually wearing pants.

Councilman Esteban Rangel, who spearheaded the anti-beer run ordinance, along with some local parishioners was unavailable for comment on the apparent change. One fact cannot be denied, the thoroughfares surrounding the most popular beer runs are now certainly "more trafficable".

The Laredo Police Department continues to closely monitor the situation. As Rangel said at the time the ordinance was passed, "If they start dancing and humping the ground, then we'll move in". The above picture purportedly shows Mayor Salinas celebrating the initial success of the ordinance.


  1. The girls at Mami Chulas are still wearing thongs. Their rear ends are out there in full display, minus the suggestive dancing.

    And the girls know where to stand: just beyond the doorway so everybody can see them.


  2. Thanks for the update: Over on the West Side, they've toned it down quite a bit. I guess over where it all started, they're still going pretty sTHrONG !