Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jaime Canales...absent, Mayor Salinas, absent, city council, absent!

Canales noticeable absent from fracking town hall meeting

Despite receiving several invitations, including some delivered in person, Mayor Salinas, the whole Laredo City Council and County Commissioner Jaime Canales were absent from last night's town hall meeting on fracking.  Canales, who represents heavily-drilled Northwest Webb county might have avoided the meeting due to the presence of some oil/gas proponents in the audience.  Canales has reportedly been wined and dined by industry lobbyists but nonetheless had said recently that both sides had to be carefully looked at. Apparently, he didn't mean looked at by him.

Editor's note: LaredoTejas has been experiencing some technical difficulties with Blogger. My guess is that the same holds true for La Sanbe. Hopefully, it will be up soon so that we may bring you more information. Incidentally, local colossal blog Bordertown Blues has deferred any weekend musings to the "triumvirate": La Sanbe, Que Fregados and yours truly, LT.  Enjoy your weekend BTB!

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  1. at least County Attorney Ana Laura Ramirez was present. i'm happy to see she took an interest.