Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mayor attends conference in Baltimore, but couldn't make local fracking meeting

Obviously, Those Safe Fracking people are trouble-makers!

Leave it to Mayor Salinas to defy logic.  Never one to pass up an opportunity for being in the spotlight, Salinas last week made a rare move. He eleceted to pass up a chance to appear in front of the cameras. As LaredoTejas has reported before, Salinas, The Laredo City Council and Commissioner Jaime Canales were all absent from the Safe Fracking Coalition meeting which was held at the UTHSC campus on Bustamante street.

Fast forward a week, Salinas is all smiles, hamming it up at the Mayors' Conference wayyyy up in Baltimore, Maryland and Canales is attending an Eagle Ford Consortium meeting this morning 80 miles away in Carrizo Springs, Texas. 

I guess when the oil companies are being asked to simple be accountable, Salinas and Canales don't want to be anywhere nearby. We all know who the Mayor, Canales and the city council really answer to, and it's not as the Mayor loves to say, "the people".


  1. I'm thinking of filming a skit where Salinas is laying in a hospital bed, unable to attend a council meeting. He calls the nurse for help because he's too weak. Then the phone rings and somebody invites him to D.C.

    He pops out of bed and says, 'I'll be right there.' He tears off his hospital gown and puts on a suit. His assistant appears out of nowhere and hands him a suitcase and his first class ticket.

    He disappears as he utters, 'me regan las matas.'


  2. And . . . "me hechan agua a la tierra pa que no se haga dusty."


  3. Maybe you could have him already wearing a suit under his hospital gown, para que no batalle. Is the phone from DC, a traditionally red "hotline"?