Friday, June 3, 2011

Laredo-specific tips to stay cool in the Gateway City!

Sure, they cost an arm and a leg but they're c-c-c-cold!

Although very useful, the last post was rather generic. We, at laredotejas pride ourselves in frequently providing posts that speak directly to our vicinity.  Having said that, here are some Laredo-specific tips that jut may help you stay a bit cooler this Summer. Especially during the dreaded dog days of "La Canicula".

1.  Pick up your raspas from El Pinguino either by 11am or wait until around sundown. There is no sense in being in line for 10-15 minutes with your car idling in the 100 plus temperatures.

2. As do all Laredoans, stay up until 2 or 3 am and enjoy the relatively cool nights. A good "regada" will definitely help cool down the gulf breeze as it blows through your property.

3. If your house faces West, then you're all set for a shady carne asada as the sun goes down. For those of you whose homes face East, forget the neighbors and just go on and grill on the front yard.

4. Watch out for Wal-Mart specials on wading pools. Who hasn't seen fellow laredoans cooling off in a pool that's three times too small. The key word is "cooling".

5. Beat the heat by picking up your 99 cent, 20lb bag of ice at  Speedy's before they run out. On Sundays, this might mean waking up extra early.

6. It might look crazy, but water your roof! The immediate hissing sound that emanates tells you that you're definitely taking some heat away from your attic.

7. If calling the "Here come's Jerry" people for sun screens is too expensive, there's always local alternatives. The standard reynolds wrap tin foil always does the trick. If you don't want to venture out to the store, just find some old "colchas" and put them up with small nails (curtain rods might not hold them up).  Even better, if you happen to have some old doors that you don't use anymore, use them to shield the sun from the windows on the West side of your home. This way the sun is intercepted even before it reaches the window.

I'm sure there's a plethora of other ideas to help keep Laredoans cool.  In the spirit of community service, please feel free to share any additional ideas you might have to stay cool.

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  1. How can you forgot that an ice-cold chela in hand is required!