Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Days are here again! says LMT article on Eagle Ford Shale

 Money-hungry OILigarchy strengthens its rule over the people of South Texas

I thought the days of concerted propaganda campaigns were a thing of the past. You wouldn't get that feeling upon reading the "Eagle Ford Boom" article by Andrew Kreighbaum in today's Laredo Morning Times. I think there was 1 paragraph, out of a total of about 20 that even mentioned any environmental, health or water-usage concerns. Everything else was absolutely rosy; I thought Valentine's day was in Februrary.

Laredo hotel-motel association head Bob Zachariah was quoted often, praising the Eagle Ford activity for raising revenue at his La Quinta Inn by about $700,000 in 2010 when compared to 2009 figures.  Mr. Zachariah is of the opinion the current fracking boom is a win-win situation for Laredo. It seemed strange then, to read that Zachariah's new hotel will open, not in Laredo, but in Cotulla! Take that Gateway City. I guess when money talks, opportunists listen. I have to wonder if his new title will be as the leader of the Laredo & Cotulla hotel/motel association.

It's times like these during which we learn what people's priorities in life really are. 


  1. LMT....The FOX News of South Texas. XD

  2. I guess Bill Green is Rupert Murdoch......or Robert Ayles. Maybe he's Glen Beck.