Monday, June 20, 2011

By Lufkin Mayor Jack Gorden 
The Lufkin Daily News

Since the beginning of the Interstate 69 project, more than 230 miles of the route in Texas are already at freeway standard and about 100 more miles are near freeway standard.

US 59, US 77 and US 281 are being incrementally transformed into Interstate 69. Construction projects are under way or soon will be near Falfurrias, Ben Bolt, George West, Lyford, Robstown and Sinton in South Texas. Two projects near Shepherd are extending the Eastex Freeway deeper into East Texas. In recent years upgrade projects have been completed on US 59 near Jefferson, Lufkin, Splendora, Sugar Land, Beasley, Kendlelon and Victoria. (2008 to present)

In some locations right-of-way needed for the interstate was acquired decades ago. And for years the Texas Department of Transportation has been designing and constructing upgrade projects to meet interstate design standards.

The existing highways that will comprise I-69 connect Texans and Texas businesses in Texarkana, Marshall, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Houston, Wharton, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo and dozens of smaller communities. The colorful interstate highway shields are not up yet but large sections of highway are now safer to drive on because they are at interstate highway standard with fully controlled access.

With each overpass and every additional mile of I-69 upgrades, new doors open for economic development, new jobs and more efficient freight movements. Reduced travel times create new opportunities for families, giving them improved access to better jobs, university campuses, regional medical centers, shopping and greater recreational choices.


  1. And just think, several years ago, most Laredo leaders were against I-69. Some still are, as they see it as an opening for the valley to take commercial truck traffic from Laredo.

    How little they understand about logisitics and manufacturing.

  2. Just wait until election year Tom. Henry C. and the Seedy Council will change their tune, and harp on about how they bought this "project" into fruition and how it will benefit Laredo. "Que convenencieros." -_-

  3. That's the seedy council for you. ooops, sorry, I meant Seedy council. They definitely deserve a capial S for that.