Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Laredotejas garners BOLAS award for promoting fluency with its comment-free posts

LaredoTejas offers readers an excellent chance to improve their fluency!

Once again, Laredotejas is drawing the attention of the Bloggers Of Laredo Association Statistics of or BOLAS. This time around, it's actually a bit of good news-well, sort of. BOLAS recognizes that Laredo has long faced the challenge of rampant illiteracy. Reading experts all agree that one thing that improves readers' comprehension is fluency. That's where Laredotejas's posts, which draw very few comments, come in. The almost complete lack of commentary allows visitors of Laredotejas to read post after post without having to stop and click on the comment section. LT editor Maximiliano offered his position on this : "What we offer our readers is the ability to build on their reading momentum with very little interruptions, if any".

The latest BOLAS figures seem to support Maximiliano's assertion. A check of the 10 most recent posts by some of Laredo's blogs and  number of comments evoked were as follows: Laredo's Most Impressive Blog, La Sanbe posted an utterly impressive 60 comments. Our friend over at colossal blog Bordertown Blues registered approximately 35 responses while the ever-informative QueFregados triggered about the same number of remarks. During that same span, BOLAS is proud to announce that Laredotejas is definitely doing its part in promoting fluency by racking up a total of  ZERO total comments. Job well done!


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  2. Sorry about that. I meant to say, comments don't equal actual views. We read you :)

  3. Max...this post will probably generate a hundred responses...go figure.

  4. Have been having trouble posting comments on LT lately. Keep promoting fluency.


  5. Woo hoo!

    Does that guttural sound denote fluency?