Saturday, June 25, 2011

Perry pushes anti-TSA, anti-immigrant bills in his "non-compaign" for US Prez

"Sanctuary!  Sanctuary! : I'm pretty sure Quasimodo is anti-Perry!

Rick Perry's unofficial campaign for the President of the United States continues under a very thin veil. Two bills Perry is pushing during the Texas legislature's special session are the anti-groping bill in which TSA agents could face arrest if they check passengers a little bit to closely.  Fallout from Perry's push on that has included threats from the Feds about eliminating all flights originating in Texas if the safety of people can't be ensured due to Perry's meddling.  Another contentious issue has been that of "Sanctuary Cities" as reported below.

From the SA Express News

Gov. Rick Perry touted Texas’ economic successes and the role Hispanics have played in them, but didn’t mention the immigration legislation he’s championed in a speech Thursday before the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

Perry, who has pushed for bills banning “sanctuary cities,” expanding immigration checks at jails and drivers license restrictions for immigrants, got a lukewarm reception from the more than 500 people at the NALEO conference kickoff luncheon at the Grand Hyatt.

He was preceded by Mayor Julián Castro, who had some harsh words for the Perry-backed immigration legislation, calling it “easily the most anti-Latino agenda in more than a generation.”

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