Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Industry loves to spin fracking as economic savior

As Oil Fat Cats exploit the South Texas brushlands, laredoans scrape fracking sludge in the scorching sun. Something's terribly wrong with this #@%*!*#  picture.

While Laredoans were dealing with a spill of mysterious fracking sludge waste at IH-35 and Victoria, the oil/gas industry continues to spin its win-win yarns about the economic wonders of fracking . The TxDot workers who had to scrape the sludge off the interstate with hand-held shovels deserve to know exactly what the horrendous mess they cleaned up consists of.

The following is an excerpt from Fuelfix.com

The town of Carrizo Springs, Texas, meanwhile, has become the site of a modern day oil boom, where companies are preparing to drill some 3,000 fields over the next 12 months. By some accounts, production from this region alone could increase U.S. oil output by 25% in ten years.

Carrizo Springs is not a completely new discovery so much as a discovery about ways to produce onshore oil economically, using hydraulic fracking, a process that has also enabled producers around the country to tap vast reserves of natural gas long considered unreachable.

Wind in rural Oregon. Oil in South Texas. Two very different energy stories, except for the successes they both are seeing and the results they are reaping: Jobs, revenue, and revived communities that are making the most of their natural resources basking in the prosperity and the pride that results.

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  1. Halliburton is having a job fair in Floresville today from 9 - 3 p.m. Of course people are going to look at the positives out of all this.