Thursday, June 16, 2011

City seeks to continue its love affair with the oil business

Drill, baby drill........, Burn, baby Burn.......,Spend, baby, spend !

This upcoming Monday, June 20th, the Laredo city council will vote on the following agenda item. It supports increasing the current contract with Arguindegui Oil Company by a whopping $875,000. Why is this happening now? Afterall, the price of gas has been coming down lately.  In the last month, the price has dropped nearly 30cents a gallon.  This increase is therefore, not justified.  LaredoTejas urges its readers to call or email your council person or the mayor and tell them to oppose this unwarranted move.

Agenda Item No.25

25. Consideration to amend annual supply contract number FY10-066 awarded to the low bidder, Arguindegui Oil Co., Laredo, Texas, for the purchase of unleaded and diesel fuel for the City of Laredo's fleet, by increasing the contract award in the amount of $875,000.00. The new contract total will be $4,375,000.00. The contract amount is being modified as a result of an industry wide increase in the cost of automotive fuel. Funding is available in the Fleet Maintenance Fund. (Approved by Operations & Finance Committee


  1. Remember Max,they filed this budget last October, and the prices have risen dramatically. I am guessing now, that with the price increases the city waited until this point in time to ask for the increase to finish out this budget cycle. This late in the budget year they see a deficit of $875k and need to up the budget until the new budget is in place Oct 1, 2012.

    Of course, where is this money coming from if the city is a broke as the city manager says we are?

  2. I understand that Tom but in the last month, prices have dropped. Today, regular unleaded is a $3.46 a gallon. That's more than 30 cents less than it was a month ago. That fact has to count for something! It's not their money, so they don't care- I get that too.