Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mayor, Chamber come up with another duncical plan


First, there was the "blacking" out of the Nuevo Laredo highway signs. Now, the chamber and Mayor Salinas have teamed up to exclude almost all Laredoans from the city's business.  The Mayor will speak at the so-called "State of the City Address" (Give me a break) event Wednesday and in the process will take part in excluding most of our city from attending the his gaudy speech.

It's not that Laredoans will be fighting to get in, but all taxpayers should have the optioin of attending. The City of Laredo operates with taxpayers' money, as do all cities. However, the Mayor will once again put on a show for a selected few. Anyone wiser would know better. And, simply put, that's probably the reason that this is proceeding: he doesn't seem to know any better.

In the meantime, let me see if I can round up $35.....for gas. No, not THAT kind of gas, I mean good old, $3.53cents a gallon petro.

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