Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Even Chiilier & Willier

Chilly Willy clone used to sell dry ice.

On a recent post, I alluded to the similarity between the cartoon character used by "Los Pinguinos" snow cones and Chilly Willy, a Walter Lantz cartoon dating to the 1950s. Well, it so happens that I saw another sign locally that has to be the spitting image of the aforementioned Mr. Willy. I came across this latest copy wright culprit as I waited for the light at the corner of Barlett and Lyon.  On the Northeast corner of that intersection, there's a store (whose name escapes me) that proudly displays a sign advertising none other than "Penguin Brand" dry ice. 

What surprised me is that Penguin Brand is not a local company; it's based in Phoenix, Arizona and shows a Trademark designation on the logo. There's only two logical explanations for this. Either this company has some sort of permission from Walter Lantz's company.....or copy wright infringement is not solely a Laredo thing.


  1. But but but... Chilly Willy doesn't blush or have a blue hat or a bow tie. Quiensabe, maybe the one whose copyright has been infringed upon is Penguin Brand? Long shot, but it could be.

  2. MMMMM as Bugs Bunny would say, cooooullld be !

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