Tuesday, June 21, 2011

City contemplates blogger-inspired logo

Unsubstantiated reports are indicating that, as part of it's effort to redefine itself, the city of Laredo is considering changing it's official logo.  Reportedly, the logo was inspired by local blogger "Border Town Blues". BTB, as the blog is commonly referred to, often depicts everyday life in Laredo, especially in his native "West Side. 

Frequently gracing the pages of the colossal blog are such things as : stray dogs, discarded tires, jerry-rigged basketball courts on the street, unorthodox mail boxes, old mattresses left outside to be picked up by the trash man as well as the "home on wheels" of the Gateway City's unfortunate homeless population, none other than, "carretones" aka shopping carts.

City "leaders" believe that the controversial logo will serve to distract people's attention from Laredo's Mexican sister city of Nuevo Laredo.  It appears that the Mayor is willing to trigger any controversy that will keep the focus on the American side.

The "new" logo, if approved will depict at least four "scenes" traditionally associated with Laredo

"Laredo: We're like nowhere else!" logo inspired by BTB


  1. And its colorless!! Just like...

  2. I'm glad you saw that. Of course, you know it was by design? (and my lack of resources).

  3. Sweet logo. I wish I'd have thought of it. That 4th grader better step aside and vacate her title. We bloggers mean business!

  4. By design is exactly what i thought! Colorless like our city right now.

  5. N'ambre, no tenia los colors que necesitaba.